Maintenance and Warranty service

Yong-Test Technology has a strong technical background in the maintenance of RF test instruments. The two founders of the company are maintenance engineers and have more than 20 years of maintenance experience. At present, we have a stable team specializing in the maintenance of high-end RF test instruments with a maintenance capacity up to 67GHz, which can undertake the maintenance of various brands of oscilloscopes, spectrometers, signal sources, network analyzers, logic analyzers, receivers, power amplifiers, source meters, loads and other instruments.

The maintenance of the customer's radio-frequency test instruments is device level, which has the least impact on the electrical environment of the instrument itself, equivalent to minimally invasive surgery, which has a good ductility for the service life and stability of the instrument.

At the same time, Yong Measurement Technology also uses the experience and ability of self-generated RF testing to support research projects in universities and make contributions in different fields.



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Service process






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